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Value of Certified Diamonds for Engagement rings

Value of Certified Diamonds for Engagement rings
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Diamond Engagement rings  sound like an intimidating gift to give. There’s so much to know, both about the person you’re giving it to and the jewelry you are buying. Also, the exchanging of Engagement rings is one of the long lasting and timeless memories of any relationship. Therefore, it is important to choose jewelry that is eternal and high quality.


A certified diamond is a diamond that has been graded, tested and inspected by a group of gemologist expertise who further after examination provides the certification for that diamond. A diamond certificate is a kind of a blueprint of a loose diamond which was certified.

The certificate of a diamond can also be identified as a diamond grading report or diamond dossier. The certificate of a diamond consists of accurate measurements and weight, proportion details, symmetry, cut, color, clarity, carat as well as quality that have been inspected by sovereign company under the interest of no disagreement within the seller and the buyer. It thoroughly examines all the criteria’s of a diamond, inclusions as well as flaws.

Moreover, while shopping for loose diamonds it is crucial that you purchase certified diamond. Therefore, one can differentiate certified diamond with a particular weight and quality with supplementary stones of same weight and quality to examine which certified loose diamond has more significance. However, the diamond certificate permits to make a knowledgeable choice while purchasing loose diamonds.

The certified diamond assures consumers with confidence, safety as well as develops the level of comfort while deciding to buy loose diamond. It is always advised to inspect the copy of its certificate while buying loose diamond though it is only the security of the quality and importance of that particular diamond. Hence, certified diamonds therefore creates the costumers confidence.

The best inspection to assess a diamond is to observe it within an individual and differentiate it with other diamonds. None strikes observing a diamond in person to decide either it is a ‘good’ diamond to your eye or not. Appreciation of a diamond is a very personal thing and various people will opt for various things about unlike diamonds.

There are several jewelers as well as diamond dealers that utilize terms like hearts and arrows, Ideal, Excellent, Russian Cut, Belgium cut, fine make and several others to identify their diamonds with the target of representing them as one of the best compared to others. Nevertheless, they are quite risky when related to diamonds by the jeweler or a diamond dealer itself without the help of third-party.

There are various kind of diamond grading laboratories found to the diamond purchasing public where few of them are most familiar such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), DCLA (Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia), AGS (American Gemological Society), HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant; Diamond High Council), EGL (European Gemological Institute) and the IGI (International Gemological Institute).

All of such diamond grading laboratories has their self criteria’s as well as the process of grading though they function in a high established parameters with that of grading diamond’s characteristics with its dimensions. Be sure of each grading laboratory has its own process, each grading laboratory contains its own expense channel for creating a certificate and these grading laboratories fluctuate in their standards and intensity of strictness.

Hence, it is essential to keep in mind the reality that every diamond grading laboratories are admired similarly or as tough in grading between them. Grading laboratories must be always independent of any particular diamond retailers or wholesalers in order to evade any conflicts raised. Diamond certificate gains its importance at the time when it is being provided by an independent accredited diamond grading laboratory. Always create optimistic to recognize the source of the certificate or grading report. In case, if one does not have heard of the laboratory then it might very well be connected in some means with the store, jeweler or diamond wholesaler itself, and so have a vested importance in assisting the sale.

It is therefore advised to have an independent certificate or else a grading report issued by an accredited laboratory to assist further claims before purchasing of a diamond.

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